If you’re looking for a little Bohemian adventure then you need to look no further than the Allentown Art District in Buffalo. Allentown is where the artists are and with its abundance of live music bars and galleries, you won’t be lacking in things to see and do.

You’ll know that you’ve made it to your destination when you see the massive wall murals that grace the area! There’s even someone known as “the bubble man” that can be seen blowing bubbles out of his apartment window above the district on the corner of Elmwood and Allen. The area is laid back yet full of life’s energy.

Visit for First Friday’s when you can experience the Art Walk. The local artists are out in droves and you can rub elbows with elite artists and even discover new ones. The first Friday of every month will show you the district at full bloom!

Some of the best bars in Buffalo can be found in the Allentown Art District. If you love live music then you should check out Nietzsche’s as they have live music every day. Saturday is a special treat because at 4:30 the locals gather ’round for a great Celtic music treat. Grab a pint and kick back for some great music and fun.

From funky nightlife to exquisite Sunday brunch, Allentown has just about everything to offer you for a great weekend. Shopping and dining are steps from one another and the atmosphere is easy and relaxed.

Don’t miss out on this excellent area! Tuck a flower in your lapel or in your hair and take a stroll through this beautiful and friendly area for some truly wonderful memories.
With so much to see and do in the Buffalo area boredom should never befall you.


A romantic getaway is all about finding a place where you could wallow in each one’s affections while relaxing and surrendering to the beauty of your surroundings. Buffalo is a romantic place. You can enjoy the view and each other at the same time, especially when you stay at a bed and breakfast.

Why Staying at a Bed and Breakfast is Worth It

Staying at a bed and breakfast in Buffalo can be fun. You can even decide how private your stay there will be. It is true that a bed and breakfast has common spaces where guests could spend time socializing, but it is up to you if you want to keep your romantic stay private. If you are an early riser, you and your loved one can go to the dining area and choose your table. Search for bed and breakfasts that have private fire places and bathrooms, so that you won’t have to stress about sharing your space with any other guest. Here are more reasons to pick a B&B in Buffalo on your next romantic getaway:

  • More affordable. A bed and breakfast does not have a space, as big as a hotel. That is why the price is way more affordable. Even so, B&Bs that are managed properly do not skimp on service. They give free gourmet breakfast, provide personal service, and maintain a one-of-a-kind space to their guests.
  • The B&B Atmosphere. A B&B has an elegant and cozy atmosphere. Every room in this establishment is decorated differently based on a theme. This is a feature you cannot find in a hotel room. The moment you step into a bed and breakfast, you feel welcomed and comforted right away. There is nothing better than staying in a place that embraces you and surrounds you with character.
  • Pampering is part of the service. Staying at a bed and breakfast entitles you to a lot of pampering from the manager and owner. It is as if you’re not a paying guest at all. They give you whatever you need and try to assist you with a lot of caring attention.

Romance will be more elevated once you stay at a bed and breakfast in Buffalo. Make your getaway something to treasure. Check out the reputable B&Bs in Buffalo and see the available choices. This is your chance to experience genuine personal service in its most elegant, welcoming form.

Marriage is a wonderful ceremony of binding two people whose love for each other is true. For an occasion as red-letter as a wedding, the venue should be memorable and beautiful. Niagara Falls offers magical venues for tying the knot. With its gorgeous backdrops and charming chapels, where else would you rather take the plunge?

Your dream wedding should not be stressful at all. Here are some dream wedding packages you can consider in Niagara Falls:

  1. From Niagara Dream Weddings (http://www.niagaradreamweddings.com/packages.html):
  • “A Dream Come True” – This package includes a ceremony at the falls, with champagne, roses, and music that will complete your unforgettable dream wedding.
  • “Garden Dream” – A garden wedding that includes professional photography, roses, music, and champagne. You also get to ride a wedding carriage with a stunning Niagara Dream Weddings Horse.
  • “Captivating” – Your dream wedding that comes with music, champagne, and roses. You both enjoy a helicopter ride over the Niagara Falls. Then, your horse and carriage ride await you. This package also includes a relaxing couple’s massage after the dream ceremony.
  • “Sweet Escape”—This is an elopement wedding that allows you to enjoy special treats from your wedding gift basket as you sip champagne while gazing at the Niagara skyline.
  • “Perfect Romance”—A wedding package that includes professional photography, roses, champagne, and music of your preference. Here, you have a three-night stay in stunning Niagara. You also get to do things such as ride the Niagara Dream Weddings helicopter and go on a wine tour.
  1. From White Chapel Weddings (http://www.infoniagara.com/weddings/whitechapel/packages.aspx):
  • “Ultimate Romance: Royal Signature Wedding Package”—An all-inclusive wedding package that provides the following:

o Consultation with their Officiant

o An hour-long ceremony in the chapel

o Fresh bouquets and boutonnières

o An organist

o A personalized booklet

o A wedding certificate

o Professional photography in different Niagara venues

o A professionally made video

You and your fiancé deserve the wedding of your dreams. Niagara Falls can be that perfect storybook venue for your magical wedding. Make Niagara Falls the starting point of your beautiful life together as a married couple.

If you’re going to be in the Buffalo, New York area and you are looking for something to do while you’re in town, the Niagara Falls area is a beautiful destination. This extraordinary locale hosts many different attractions that you’ll find appealing and if you don’t mind crossing the border to the Canadian side of the Niagara National Park, there are a few wonderful options as well. For instance, the Butterfly Conservatory will delight children of all ages, even if you’re an adult. This conservatory is located within the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. Visitors to this attraction will get to see 45 different species of these beautiful fragile creatures of nature, with over 2000 butterflies occupying this beautiful building. They have created a tropical area which has trickling waterfalls and lush vegetation to make the butterflies feel at home. Of course, the visitors tend to love it as well.

The observatory has 180 meters of pathways that twist and turn through this glass-enclosed paradise. All paths in the observatory lead to the emergence window which is where the butterflies leave the pupae and are reborn. Once reborn, they let their wings dry before taking their first flight. Even if butterflies are not your cup of tea, this is still a beautiful place to come visit and you never know, you may learn to appreciate one of mother nature’s more beautiful creations.

Either way, this is definitely an attraction you want to include in your ventures. While you’re at the observatory, make a point to visit some of the other historical sites in the area. Then there is the waterfalls themselves, you can never go to the Niagara Falls National Park without visiting them. There are so many wonderful things to visit in the Niagara area, so if you do plan to visit the area, don’t forget the other side of Niagara Falls.

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Be One with Nature at the Tifft Nature Preserve.

Once in Buffalo, you should not forget going to Tifft Nature Preserve. It is a 264-acre sanctuary devoted to environmental education and conservation. The City of Buffalo purchased the land in 1972. It was primarily intended to be a landfill, but then the Tifft Nature Preserve was created from it. The concerned citizens of buffalo understood how important it was ecologically. They convinced the legislators to preserve the area. With hard work and many safety measures, the preserve was opened in 1976.

The land of the Tifft Nature Preserve was part of a large dairy farm, which was the property of George Washington Tifft. It was then turned into a transshipment center for iron ore and coal. From the 1950s to the 1960s, the land was made into a city dumpsite. In the 1970s, the land finally started to transform into a nature preserve. All the solid waste there was sealed in clay and buried in soil, which was from another part of the Tifft land. Wildflowers and trees were planted. Ponds were made bigger.

The large cattail marsh, which had been conserved, helped a lot in attracting myriad animals. The Buffalo Museum of Science made the Tifft Farm Nature Preserve as one of its departments in 1982. The name was then changed into Tifft Nature Preserve so that it could better show the purpose of the land. Presently, the Tifft Nature Preserve is in its natural state. Its woodlands, ponds, and marshes serve as habitats for various animals in the entire region. It has turned into an urban sanctuary, many people dreamed about more than two decades ago. Below are some of the highlights of the Tifft Nature Preserve:

• Five miles of nature trails, open all year, during hours of daylight

• Three boardwalks that have viewing blinds adjacent to and in the cattail marsh • Snowshoe rentals • Discovery kit rentals

• Guided walks every at 10 AM to 12 PM, every Thursday ($2.00 donation)

• Fishing experience at Lake Kirsty (not at the North Shoreline)

• Watching animals in their natural habitat

• Cross-country skiing

• Bird watching at the “Important Bird Area) Be one with nature during your visit to Buffalo. Explore the Tifft Nature Preserve and appreciate the environment more.

Tifft Nature Preserve Map

Advantages of Staying in a Bed and Breakfast

Planning on leaving for a well-deserved vacation? Do you want a kind of hospitality more personal and intimate than that of aa hotel? Then you should consider the advantages of bed and breakfast. The charm and comfort offered by a bed and breakfast makes any getaway even more memorable. Staying there is much like staying at a close friend’s home. Below are some of the advantages in staying a bed and breakfast in your chosen vacation spot:

• Breakfast is always ready. As the name suggests, breakfast is always included in your stay in a bed and breakfast. Unlike the usual offerings of a hotel, a typical breakfast at a bed and breakfast surpasses a typical breakfast menu at any hotel. Here, you get your morning meal directly from the hands of the one who prepared it. It is usually served by the cook or the proprietor. The food is homecooked, meant to make you feel like you are staying at your own house.

• You can explore the areas not described in the hotel brochures. Since bed and breakfasts are in residential areas, you can know the true side of your vacation spot. You also have the chance to interact with the locals more. Hotels are often built on commercial properties that tend to hide the real essence of the people and the place.

• Hands on hospitality. Service is far better in a B and B. The owners or proprietors are usually more hand on in their management style. They always tend to the needs of their guests in person, until they are satisfied. Hotels tend to your needs via the staff, who are often careless and cold.

• You have more privacy and space. Enjoy more areas to enjoy your privacy by staying at a bed and breakfast. A bed and breakfast has a study, a garden, a patio, a living room, or even a den, where you can just relax. Pack your bags and take a leave. Discover yourself and recharge by staying at a good bed and breakfast in your favorite getaway.

Check out the Events in Buffalo 2018. When visiting Buffalo, NY you can always expect to find something fun each time that you visit. You can plan your vacation around events or just “wing” it on the Buffalo Wing Trail. This summer’s events are as follows:

1. Buffalo Pride Festival
May 29th – June 3rd
The Pride Festival plays host to many different events that are located throughout the city. There’s a 5k run, art exhibitions, and many cultural events. This event is one of the biggest parties of the year. Show your support and enjoy the many wonderful activities!

2. Buffalo Greek Festival
June 1st – June 3rd
Location: Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
Buffalo has a large Greek population and this event brings that population together for music, dancing, food, shopping, and fun. There is much to enjoy including the truly delicious authentic Greek foods!

3. Allentown Art Festival
June 9th – June 10th
Location: Allen Street, Allentown
The community of Allentown comes together and turns the streets into a living gallery. Hundreds of talented vendors and artists line the streets showing off their talent while live performers and food trucks fill the remaining spaces.

4. Juneteenth
June 16th – June 17th
Location: Martin Luther King Jr. Park
Two days of wonderful celebration! This two-day celebration draws many to commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation. One of the largest African American celebrations in the nation!

5. Shakespeare In The Park
June 21st – July 15th & July 27th – August 19th
Location: Deleware Park
Experience live summer performances of Shakespeare’s plays! Bring a blanket and a bottle of wine and kick back to enjoy great performances of your most beloved plays. (plays announced closer to date)

6. Taste of Buffalo
July 7th- July 8th
Location: Deleware Ave.
Get ready for a taste of Buffalo! During this celebration, more than 50 local restaurants will be giving out samples of their delicious food. There will be live music and awesome demonstrations of a culinary nature. This is one of the largest food festivals in the U.S.!

7. Galbani Italian Heritage Festival
July 12th – July 15th
Location: Outer Harbor
Come and celebrate Buffalo’s wonderful Italian heritage. This celebration offers food, fun, and music for its second year.

8. Infringement Festival
July 26th – August 5th
Location: All Around Buffalo
For 11 days you will be able to experience music and performances as well as eclectic art during this indoor and outdoor arts festival. Small galleries, as well as large museums all, take part!

9. Cobblestone Live
July 27th – July 28th
Location: Cobblestone District
This is a great event that had over 40 bands playing over 2 days of festivities and music. There are three outdoor stages as well as stages inside of the Lockhouse Distillery and Buffalo Iron Works.

10. Buffalo Irish Festival
August 24th – August 26th
Location: Outer Harbor, Buffalo
Music, dancing, more music, food, and even more dancing as you celebrate with the Irish community of Buffalo! For three days you can celebrate at Wilkeson Pointe and enjoy everything Irish!

The Buffalo Wing Trail beckons when you visit Buffalo.

You can’t visit Buffalo without ordering Buffalo wings. Why? The Buffalo-style chicken wing was created here in 1964! The wings slathered in the sauce that you love so well were brought to life right here in our very own Buffalo, NY.
During your stay, you can stop at any of the 12 famous pubs in Buffalo that make up the “Buffalo Wing Trail”. Each pub has its own secret sauce or recipe that gives their “on the map” wings their magic.
Even the famous Jay Leno can be seen in the city chowing down on Buffalo wings on occasion. His stop at La Nova Pizzeria prompted the owners to create his favorite wing flavor and call it the Jay Leno wing!
You should definitely see what all the fuss is about. Whether you pick one of the wing spots at random or make your way down the entire wing trail, you’re going to discover your favorite spots and want to visit them each and every time you come back.

In Alphabetical Order:

Anchor Bar (Where the first Buffalo wing was created!)
Bar-Bill Tavern
Blackthorn Restaurant
Doc Sullivan’s
Elmo’s Bar & Restaurant
Gabriel’s Gate
Gene McCarthy’s
Glen Park Tavern
Lenox Grill
Mammoser’s Tavern

Don’t forget to visit on the 1st and 2nd of every September! It’s the Wing Festival! This is the 17th year for the National Buffalo Wing Festival! With more than 70,000 people from more than 50 different countries attend each year! Countless flavors of wings, amateur cook-offs, eating competitions, and more can be found here during these two days. It’s a wing-lover’s paradise!

If you’re looking for a great family outing then the Buffalo Zoo is a great day trip to take with the kids! The Buffalo Zoo is the home of over 1,000 animals and more than 500 different species. It’s also our nations 3rd oldest zoo! From polar bears to the animals of the rainforest you and your family can experience animals from all over the globe.

You can watch Luna the polar bear swim and play. She loves to entertain the crowds that come to watch her splash around!

For a smaller form of entertainment, you should visit the river otters. They leap, play, and chase each other around. Fun is the name of the game for these little cuties!

What zoo is complete without a pride of lions to watch? Stopping by to see Lusaka and Tiberius is a must when visiting the zoo. If you’ve never heard a lion roar then you’re going to be in for a real treat because these two can be heard from time to time no matter where you are at the zoo!

For a little bit of history thrown into your zoo adventure; stop by and visit CandyAnne the mule and discover how these great animals were so important to the Erie Canal. Not only will you learn the large role that mules played in delivering cargo on the canal you’ll also be able to see a wonderful recreation of one of the barges used on the river.

If you love the rainforest and all of its brightly colored animals then you’re going to love seeing all of the brightly colored birds and amphibians that live at the zoo. The birds aren’t the only animals in the rainforest that have bright colors. The zoo is also home to Poison Dart Frogs!

Don’t forget to stop by the petting zoo for some hands-on affection too!