Dream Wedding at Niagara Falls

Marriage is a wonderful ceremony of binding two people whose love for each other is true. For an occasion as red-letter as a wedding, the venue should be memorable and beautiful. Niagara Falls offers magical venues for tying the knot. With its gorgeous backdrops and charming chapels, where else would you rather take the plunge?

Your dream wedding should not be stressful at all. Here are some dream wedding packages you can consider in Niagara Falls:

  1. From Niagara Dream Weddings (http://www.niagaradreamweddings.com/packages.html):
  • “A Dream Come True” – This package includes a ceremony at the falls, with champagne, roses, and music that will complete your unforgettable dream wedding.
  • “Garden Dream” – A garden wedding that includes professional photography, roses, music, and champagne. You also get to ride a wedding carriage with a stunning Niagara Dream Weddings Horse.
  • “Captivating” – Your dream wedding that comes with music, champagne, and roses. You both enjoy a helicopter ride over the Niagara Falls. Then, your horse and carriage ride await you. This package also includes a relaxing couple’s massage after the dream ceremony.
  • “Sweet Escape”—This is an elopement wedding that allows you to enjoy special treats from your wedding gift basket as you sip champagne while gazing at the Niagara skyline.
  • “Perfect Romance”—A wedding package that includes professional photography, roses, champagne, and music of your preference. Here, you have a three-night stay in stunning Niagara. You also get to do things such as ride the Niagara Dream Weddings helicopter and go on a wine tour.
  1. From White Chapel Weddings (http://www.infoniagara.com/weddings/whitechapel/packages.aspx):
  • “Ultimate Romance: Royal Signature Wedding Package”—An all-inclusive wedding package that provides the following:

o Consultation with their Officiant

o An hour-long ceremony in the chapel

o Fresh bouquets and boutonnières

o An organist

o A personalized booklet

o A wedding certificate

o Professional photography in different Niagara venues

o A professionally made video

You and your fiancé deserve the wedding of your dreams. Niagara Falls can be that perfect storybook venue for your magical wedding. Make Niagara Falls the starting point of your beautiful life together as a married couple.