Tifft Nature Preserve

Be One with Nature at the Tifft Nature Preserve.

Once in Buffalo, you should not forget going to Tifft Nature Preserve. It is a 264-acre sanctuary devoted to environmental education and conservation. The City of Buffalo purchased the land in 1972. It was primarily intended to be a landfill, but then the Tifft Nature Preserve was created from it. The concerned citizens of buffalo understood how important it was ecologically. They convinced the legislators to preserve the area. With hard work and many safety measures, the preserve was opened in 1976.

The land of the Tifft Nature Preserve was part of a large dairy farm, which was the property of George Washington Tifft. It was then turned into a transshipment center for iron ore and coal. From the 1950s to the 1960s, the land was made into a city dumpsite. In the 1970s, the land finally started to transform into a nature preserve. All the solid waste there was sealed in clay and buried in soil, which was from another part of the Tifft land. Wildflowers and trees were planted. Ponds were made bigger.

The large cattail marsh, which had been conserved, helped a lot in attracting myriad animals. The Buffalo Museum of Science made the Tifft Farm Nature Preserve as one of its departments in 1982. The name was then changed into Tifft Nature Preserve so that it could better show the purpose of the land. Presently, the Tifft Nature Preserve is in its natural state. Its woodlands, ponds, and marshes serve as habitats for various animals in the entire region. It has turned into an urban sanctuary, many people dreamed about more than two decades ago. Below are some of the highlights of the Tifft Nature Preserve:

• Five miles of nature trails, open all year, during hours of daylight

• Three boardwalks that have viewing blinds adjacent to and in the cattail marsh • Snowshoe rentals • Discovery kit rentals

• Guided walks every at 10 AM to 12 PM, every Thursday ($2.00 donation)

• Fishing experience at Lake Kirsty (not at the North Shoreline)

• Watching animals in their natural habitat

• Cross-country skiing

• Bird watching at the “Important Bird Area) Be one with nature during your visit to Buffalo. Explore the Tifft Nature Preserve and appreciate the environment more.

Tifft Nature Preserve Map