About Halina & Merle

We also live in the Historical District of Niagara Falls. We love the city and want it to make sure everyone gets the most from it. I have lived here all of my life and know the ins and outs. We truly want our guests to have the best vacation they ever had. Our Guests can speak for us at our B n B or Rental. We know the area because we live here 365 days a year. We truly want our area and City to be known for a Great Vacation Spot. We have our family’s here and have made a true family investment in this business.

Halina & Merle purchased this house in 2013

Why Halina & Merle chose Niagara Falls

These Buffalo vacation homes were put together for a  family to have a safe, enjoyable vacation to remember. We live a 1 minute walk from this home and all ways meet and greet our guest. We truly want you and your family to have the best experience in our home and City.

We give you the price up front, we will not bait you with a lower price to only find out you get half a house or only a few people at the price. Our house can hold 16 people and we base our price on that. We will be there with info and help when and if you need it.

So if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. The Butler House. Our homes meet all New York State Fire Codes, have a permit to operate and have a state health board inspection yearly.

Please keep your family safe and ask your rental owner or manager if they meet these standards and can prove it. It is our goal to provide the best living environment and provide a safe place for your family.